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Nurse Advocates

We partner with individuals, families and caregivers to coordinate and facilitate healthcare needs


As healthcare liaisons we offer   

offering guidance, education, and empowerment to help our clients navigate any aspect of healthcare. With compassion and respect, we work with our clients and their families to solve problems; through short and long-term solution-focused care coordination. We support a reliable approach to medical management while advocating for and encouraging clients and families to assume an active role in their treatment. Services are determined based on need and desire for assistance.

Providing  both short-term, episode of care  services & extended care support to meet the client and care giver's specific needs.

Helping individual and caregivers to decrease, stress and worry and save time negotiating the system.

From our experience, people feel misinformed and are frustrated about their experience with the healthcare system.  We save people from the aggravation and confusion of navigating healthcare on their own!

Are you tired worrying and need a little peace of mind?  Please call us to see if we can help.

Providing assistance, support and clarification about any aspect of your healthcare? 







             Electronic Health Record

             Care Transitions


             Interactions with healthcare team

             Chronic Care

             Personalized Care Coordination 

             Access to resources

             Collaboration with providers

             Diagnosis and diagnostic information

             Increase confidence 

                           PEACE of MIND!


How we can help

Personalized Care Coordination


· Provide clients one point of contact as a healthcare liaison, medical mentor, and guide

· Coordinate individual care plans; organize care options and services 

· Collaborate and partner with providers

· Facilitate optimal care and provide access to resources 

· Implement services where most needed-be it in home, assisted living center, hospital, or rehabilitation skilled nursing facility

Support may be provided Short-Term Services & Situation-Focused Specific Needs


· Assist during acute hospitalizations or episodes of care such as elective surgery or procedures; pre-operatively, post-operatively in hospital, and post-discharge at current site of care and acute illnesses

· Coach and guide clients through transitions in care

· Complete a client assessment, report(s), and suggested areas of focus which can be shared with providers

· Accompany clients to physician and healthcare provider visits 

· Provide telephonic case management, advocacy, and care coordination when applicable and preferred

Coordinate and Manage Resources


· Reconcile medications and pharmacist consultation

· Coordinate medical records; review and compose a health resource binder of medical records and important healthcare resource information

· Assist in navigating established electronic medical records/portals 

· Confirm and coordinate practitioner appointments 

· Guide, assist and arrange for optimal living arrangements with home as the priority

· Assist with identifying, hiring, and supervising caregivers

It is never too early to start the conversation.

Please contact us to see if we can assist with your individual needs.

We are your mentors and guides, here to help you navigate the healthcare system

As your liaison to the healthcare world, we provide one point of contact, and as your medical mentor and guide, we navigate the healthcare system together.  We provide healthcare advocacy including personalized health and medical care coordination, situation-focused and episodic care guidance, assistance and coordination and management of resources. 

Offering PEACE of MIND while saving you time!

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